To counter morphed obscene videos on WhatsApp, cyber police Kashmir issues advisory

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Cautions people not to get swayed

Srinagar: The Cyber wing of Jammu and Kashmir has issued an advisory and directed people not to engage in video calls with unknown users and not to get swayed by giving away demanded money.

The advisory has been issued in response to growing concerns related to morphed obscene videos.

The cyber police Kashmir in an advisory requested the people across the valley to approach the nearest police station with a complaint or cyber police station in case of any threat from any unknown users demeaning money against morphed pornographic videos.

Cyber Police Kashmir in the advisory asked the people not to succumb and panic in case any unknown WhatsApp or Facebook user threatens and demands money rather report it and assured full confidentiality.

The advisory said, “Accepting random friend request, video call on Facebook or WhatsApp from strangers can land you in trouble. Blackmailers have devised a modus operandi to befriend people online and later get their photos and videos through a video call and morph these on pornographic photos and videos.”

It said that then these users “Blackmail the victim and demand a huge amount of money. “These blackmailers lure people by attractive photos in their Facebook and WhatsApp profile,” reads the advisory.

“They engage the victim in a video call. During the call, the victim is shown a pornographic clip, and video is recorded or screenshots are taken simultaneously to blackmail the victim,” it said.

While cautioning the social media users, the advisory said: “Don’t panic. Don’t accept any friend requests from strangers. Don’t engage in a video chat with strangers. Don’t succumb and never pay money. Immediately inform your family, friends, and relatives about it. Report it to the local police or cyber police. Preserve all evidence like screenshots,” it added.

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