We need better standard of education here!

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In this modern era when human race is on the peak of development and besides the Moon, Mars has been brought surveyed using the latest technology. New hopes and discoveries are emerging each day and the Robotic technology is on its way to replace human interventions in many fields. Artificial Intelligence is in a fast developing mode and much more is supposed to arrive at our doorsteps at a faster rate.

But besides other flaws including the disastrous climatic conditions that we are creating for our planet, the future of mankind is also at stake due to the use of drugs- synthetic as well as non-synthetic. The old traditional, social and cultural ethos has become a disgrace before the modern youth and relations seem to have lost their fervent and feeling. Even blood relations fade so easily now.

Old Age Homes-something that nobody could have ever thought about are seemingly a necessity of the modern times and our society is in dire need of such initiatives more than ever. It is a clear sign of moral bankruptcy that we have suffered side by side the incredible development in the fields of science and technology.

Domestic violence, sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, poverty, human and drug trafficking- all such issues are staring at us and one must think about the situation and try to analyze as to what could be the main cause (s) for such a pathetic state of affairs that we are stuck in.

I think that the entire society, especially policy makers, is responsible for such deterioration. Our education is not fulfilling the demands that youth needs and is mall functional. Our policies are not suited to fulfill our future requirements. We are scattered having individual selfish thoughts and deeds. We are in competition without worth and despite being resourceful, we have no proper training to utilize our resources.

We need a better education system in order to undo the damage and make sure that our future generations do not go astray and rather rebuild the socio-cultural fabric of our society.

The writer is a teacher by profession and can be reached at [email protected]

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