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Shopian: Sedow-Jamnagar road in dire straits

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Shopian, Dec 06: Residents of Sedow village in south Kashmir’s Shopian district have a general complaint that the Sedow-Jamnagar road that connects their village to Jamnagar, Vihil, and other adjoining areas continues to remain in dire straits.

Residents of village said they are facing immense hardships while travelling on this road which has developed thousands of potholes. “The road was macadamized back in 2009 and since then it has been never repaired. We are being told by the authorities that the road is not registered and thereby they cannot do its repairing,” they added.

One of the residents of Sedow village, Mushtaq Ahmad Lone, said: “The road connects Sedow village to a nearby hospital and its 7 Km stretch is in such a bad condition that not even pedestrians can walk on it.”

Residents further said Sedow is a hilly area and the snowfall tears off the upper layer of road and water flows through this road which leads to formation of large potholes on it. “During nighttime, no one takes a risk of walking on this road because of its large potholes. The construction of canal besides road has further exacerbated the condition of road as all the material being used in the construction has been put on the road leading to its narrowness,” they added.

When contacted Executive Engineer R&B Division, Shopian, said: “We are facing a shortage of funds currently due to which we are unable to repair the road.”

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