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AIPIF organizes Islamic conference

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Srinagar, September 17: All India Payame Insaniyat Forum (AIPIF) a socio-religious body today organized a conference at Alamdar Colony Lal Bazar here to create awareness among masses about its functioning.

The conference was presided over by the Secretary General of (AIPIF), Maulana Bilal Hasani Nadvi who besides throwing light on Islam and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made audience aware about the functioning of the organization.

Many Muslim scholars from Kashmir valley and other parts of the country spoke on the occasion and pledged to take the mission of AIPI forward with an aim to remove ‘misgivings’ about Islam in contemporary world.

The speakers termed Islam and teaching of Prophet (PBUH) as complete way of life and rejected as malicious campaign the propaganda created by communal forces in India and abroad.

“Islam teaches peace, brotherhood and oneness, our Prophet (PBUH) was the man of divine knowledge who (PBUH) never encouraged violence nor did taught ummah to follow the path of hatred and violence,’’ said AIPI Secretary General, Maulana Bilal Hasani Nadvi while addressing audience.

Large number of people including men and women attended the religious conference.

It may be in place to mention that AIPIF being socio religious forum serves downtrodden people of the society irrespective of their religious affiliation.

AIPIF member, Talib Bhat said the aim of the organization is to serve mankind as per the teachings of holy prophet (PBUH).

“Our objective is to spread love through our work; we organize blood donation camps, held interactive programs to create awareness about social evils in the society,” said Talib talking to ‘Kashmir Images’.

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