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Pulwama’s Rakh village faces water shortage

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Pulwama, 30 March: Residents of Rakh Village in district Pulwama are up in arms against Public Health Engineering (PHE) department for failing to provide adequate water supply to their village.

The residents here complained that despite repeated pleas, PHE department continues to remain indifferent towards the issue of water shortage in their village.

“We have held several protest demonstrations from last many days over the water shortage in our village but the government has done nothing so far to resolve the problem,” said the locals.

While accusing some local PHE employees of creating the water scarcity in the first place, the locals said that the employees are supplying water to other areas while as neglecting the Rakh village.

One of the resident of Rakh village Gh Nabi Sheikh told Kashmir Images that their village is experiencing an acute water shortage from past one month. “Our area has no drinking water facility from last one month, we have raised this issue several times with the concerned authorities but government is paying no heed to our problems,” said Ghulam Nabi.

“PHE department is compelling the villagers here to fetch impure water from the river and if the same continued, it may lead to an epidemic in our village,” he added.

Assistant Executive Engineer Sub-division Tahab Pulwama told Kashmir Images that due to the dry spell, the water level has decreased considerably which is why the village is facing scarcity of water.

“We are planning to make temporary water arrangements for the Rakh village by connecting the water pipes of the village with other water supply sources,” he added.

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