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Warpora, other residents irked by lack of transportation

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By: Umer Ahad

Baramulla: Residents of Warapora, Budipora, and Mullabangil are expressing their frustration over the lack of transportation facilities in the area, which is causing inconvenience for locals.

According to reports, the absence of public transport for several years has compelled people to resort to expensive alternatives such as hiring passenger sumos or walking. This situation particularly impacts students and low-income employees.

The residents are urging the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) to promptly address this issue and provide transportation facilities to the area.

Residents have accused the Sumo Stand association of exploiting people by charging extra fees when exchanging vehicles and overcharging tourists. In the meantime, when we contacted TATA sumo stand president Tangmarg, he assured that he would resolve this matter soon.




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