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Action initiated against 6 persons for “spreading false info on social media”

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Srinagar: Srinagar Police, in collaboration with Cyber Police, have initiated legal action against six individuals for “disseminating false information and promoting instigative content” on various social media platforms, officials said today.

The move comes a day after the Director General of Police R R Swain said that a law will be brought to deal with misinformation that incites disaffection and fuels anti-social propaganda.

A police spokesperson stated on X that the identified individuals are facing legal consequences under relevant sections of the law.

The authorities are taking a strong stance against the propagation of false information, emphasizing the need for responsible social media use.

The police spokesperson urged the general public to exercise caution and refrain from sharing or spreading instigative, provocative content, misinformation, anti-social propaganda, and rumors.

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