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Royal Bengal Tiger pair to roar in Jambu Zoo

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JAMMU: A pair of Royal Bengal Tiger, the National Animal, aged 9 years, is reaching Jambu Zoo today from Aringar Anna Zoological Park, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Pertinently, the tiger pair have been brought here in exchange for a pair of Himalayan Black Bear from Jambu Zoo to Aringar Anna Zoological Park as part of an animal exchange programme.

The Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the largest, fiercest, and most powerful members of the big Cat family. Every tiger has a distinct strip pattern which makes them different from other tigers and makes it easy to count them during the tiger census. There are around 3,167 tigers in India’s forests, which is more than 75% of the global Tiger population as per the 2023 Tiger Census.

The Tiger pair will be housed in a naturalistic and enriched enclosure with a space of more than 4500 square meters per the Central Zoo Authority’s norms with water ponds, machines, and heating and ventilation facilities for extreme weather conditions. The Tigers will be kept under quarantine for a week and thereafter will be released in the paddock for public display.

Royal Bengal Tiger will be an additional attraction in the family of Jambu Zoo and a great delight for the public, especially children, wildlife enthusiasts and other visitors.

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