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Gandhis have playful time, cute moments in Srinagar after Bharat Jodo Yatra ends

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Srinagar: ‘Sheen Jung’, handshake, a warm hug and lending a helping hand to push a car stuck in snow, Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had a fun time with cute moments in Kashmir, including a stroll on the banks of the Dal Lake here after the culmination of Bharat Jodo Yatra.

After a hectic five-month and over 4000-kilometres of the Yatra, which the Gandhi scion walked the most part of, he and his sister had fun times in Srinagar which was enveloped by a thick white carpet of snow.

The duo had ‘Sheen Jung’ (snowball fight), strolled along the famous Dal Lake on Monday evening, took photographs of the snow and the lake and greeted people.

A less than a minute video titled ‘Snow fights and a walk by the Dal lake with Priyanka’ on Rahul Gandhi’s YouTube channel, put out on Tuesday morning, showcased the fun times the Gandhis had after the culmination of the march with an opposition rally earlier in the day amid heavy snowfall.

The video has garnered over 32,000 views since it was posted.

The 58-second video, which starts with a long-pan shot of the famous Dal Lake, shows Rahul strolling the footpaths of the Foreshore or Boulevard Road wearing a yellow-colour jacket, with a woollen cap and gloves, and his sister in a black jacket.

The duo can be seen interacting with the people passing by, waving to the crowd who were excited to see the Gandhi family members.

They also took photographs of the lake which looked pristine under dark clouds with everything around draped in white.

The stroll had a cute moment when a local man stopped his car and requested Gandhi for a handshake and a hug. Though the unidentified person was stopped by Gandhi’s security team, the former Congress president obliged to the request. He shook hands with the man and gave him a warm hug.

The security team threw a secure ring around the Gandhis and had a tough time in ensuring there was no security breach.

The video also shows Gandhi lending a helping hand to push a car stuck in the snow.

Earlier in the evening, the Gandhis engaged in a playful snowball fight. Rahul had a snowball fight with his sister on Monday morning, but, it seems it was not enough. Later in the evening, the duo engaged in another round of snowball fight in the lawns of a popular hotel here where many movies have also been shot.

They had such a ‘duel’ on Monday morning at a Yatra campsite in Pantha Chowk area of the city here – the video of which showed Rahul Gandhi sneaking towards his sister concealing two ice blocks behind, and managing to put them on her head.

However, this time, it was Priyanka’s turn, with the video showing her waiting with snowballs for her brother. The duo played for some time, with Priyanka managing to take a few clicks in between.

The video ends with Rahul hitting a snowball on Priyanka’s head from the back – a bull’s eye shot!


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