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Kashmir on the powder keg of drug addiction, abuse: NC

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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday said that the problem of Drug addiction/abuse among Kashmiri youth has reached catastrophic levels and if no serious effort is initiated by the government agencies we are at risk of losing an entirely new generation to drugs. 

This was, according to the NC spokesperson, stated by the party’s State Spokesperson and In Charge Constituency Kulgam Imran Nabi Dar while addressing a party convention in Mohammad Pora, Kulgam. Among others party’s local unit local functionaries were also present on the occasion.

Expressing concern over the skyrocketing drug abuse among the youth, Imran said, “Drug abuse in Kashmir is becoming a rampant phenomenon across Kashmir. Unfortunately, district Kulgam has taken precedence in the involvement of youth with drug abuse. It is a point of concern for all of us here in Kulgam. The first step towards stopping such incidents starts with contemplation by all of us. It goes without saying that the menace is an awful manifestation of widespread unemployment in the district. It’s time for the government to change the discourse about the drug addiction issue and start to view it as a disease rather than a law-and-order issue.”

He further added, “Ignoring drug addiction among youth won’t help. The situation should be immediately tackled with a brawny response before it morphs into a much dire situation. It would be better if the government comes up with an inclusive policy against the menace of drug addiction and narcotic smuggling. The policy framework should include the inputs of health, police, and education departments. Various civil society groups should also be taken on board before evolving such a state-level strategy against the menace.”

Asking J&K Police to declare an all-out war against drug dealers, and peddlers, Imran said, “The need of the hour calls for effective policing against narcotic smuggling, besides having more drug de-addiction centers in all the districts of Jammu and Kashmir. The challenge has to be confronted at multiple levels, and of them, all basic awareness at school, college, and university levels is a must. Parents and civil society also must put in their efforts to curb the menace. The menace has to be tackled at a societal level.”

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