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Today: Jun 22, 2024

Frequent power cuts leave residents in Tangmarg fuming

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Baramulla: The extremely cold temperatures of Chilla-i-Kalan, coupled with unannounced power cuts through the day and night, have left Tangmarg residents at their wits’ ends.

The residents of Ferozpora, Drung, Check Ferozpora, Check Tairan, Chandilora, and the adjoining areas of Tangmarg have been complaining of pesky power cuts for the last month, but nothing seems to be improving.

They said that the electricity goes on and off after every five minutes. “The voltage is so low that one needs to light a candle to search the bulb, and the low voltage can be well estimated from the evidence that the battery of the mobile phone can be charged only 23% throughout the night,” said the residents.

The consumers demanded that the electricity supply in the metered areas should be improved as soon as possible, “otherwise the administration will see us soon out on the streets demanding the same”.

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