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Govt asks DDOs to sanction G P Fund Advances only after ascertaining closing balance

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JAMMU: All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOS), who are operating upon the office of Accounts Officer G P Fund Civil Secretariat through Civil Secretariat Treasury, J&K, have been asked to process the cases for sanction of G P Fund Advances (Refundable)/withdrawals (Non-refundable) only after ascertaining the closing balance available at the credit of the subscriber(s) from the latest Annual Account Statements(AAS)/G.P. Fund schedules issued by this office and not on the Schedules/AAS issued by the other District Fund offices.

According to a circular issued here today by the Jammu and Kashmir government in this regard, it has been stated that in respect of the subscribers where in T.E.s/Ledger cards have to be adjusted after the issuance of Annual Account Statements (AAS) for the respective Financial Year, the DDOs of Civil Secretariat Treasury have been requested to process the aforesaid cases (Refundable/Non-Refundable) only after getting the up-to-date G.P. Fund balance issued in favor of subscribers by this office.

The document elaborated that this circular has been issued in the backdrop of the fact that while examining the Final G.P. Fund cases/claims of superannuating/superannuated subscribers as well as at the time of issuance of the Annual Account Statements (G.P. Fund Schedules) for the Financial year 2021-22 to the subscribers, whose G.P. Fund accounts are maintained with this office, it has been observed that the “MINUS BALANCES” (Negative Balances) in the G.P. Fund accounts of a considerable number of subscribers were depicted which is a matter of grave concern and needs utmost attention of the DDOS in order to avoid the creation of any such Minus balances in future. 

Minus balances in the G.P. Fund accounts of the subscribers arise on account of various reasons which inter alia included “Through overdrawals by means of advances (Refundable)/withdrawals (Non- refundable) in excess of the G.P. Fund balance available at the credit of the subscriber, Through advances/withdrawals from the G.P. Fund account of the subscribers without consolidation of balances at the concerned Fund office, where the subscriber is active and Through advances/withdrawals on the Transfer Entries (T.Es) received in respect of subscribers, before they are actually adjusted in their G.P. accounts maintained with this office.

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