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Boon ties up with Srinagar Smart City to monitor water quality in Dal Lake

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Srinagar:  Boon, a global water-tech startup, has teamed up with Srinagar Smart City Limited to keep an eye on quality of water in Kashmir’s famed Dal Lake in Kashmir, the company said on Wednesday.

“Boon will use its proprietary and patented drinking water Internet-of-Things platform (Clairvoyant) to detect irregularities in the water of the Dal Lake and send timely alerts to the concerned authorities for quick remedial action,” a spokesperson of the company said.

Dal Lake is the second largest lake in Jammu and Kashmir and one of the most visited places in Srinagar by locals and tourists. It’s also treasured as an essential hub for water plant harvesting and fishing, providing food and water to people.

“Lately, increased commercialisation of the place has led to high pollution levels in the water, making it unfit for drinking and domestic activities. According to a report in 2017, approximately 50 million litres of sewage flow into the lake every day and close to 80,000 tonnes of silt is deposited yearly,” the spokesperson said.

In order to restore the glory of the lake, Srinagar Smart City Limited will deploy Clairvoyant at a cost of Rs 1.28 crore to run historical data models using AI and compare them with current data samples to find variances over time, informing authorities of remedial action if the water quality deteriorates beyond the prescribed limit.

“In recent years, the quality of water has become a subject of discussion around the country owing to high levels of pollutants. At Boon, we aim to address this by empowering hotels, schools, metro stations, and other institutions to adopt a healthy and sustainable drinking water solution,” Vibha Tripathi, MD of Boon, said.

“Our partnership with Srinagar Smart City Limited further bolsters this initiative and intends to check and keep the water clean in Dal Lake. Live screens will also make it easier for authorities to continue monitoring the water quality in the lake and take remedial action,” she added.

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