Mushtaq Hurra

Oblivious Preachers and the plight of Ummah

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A distressing video clip is making rounds on different social media platforms where a young, so-called,Muslim preacher is seen smacking one of his contemporaries in a mosque. The video clip has not only annoyed and saddened masses but has sent shockwaves. Our preachers have begun to use holy pulpits and podiums for their vested interests and sinister designs. Netizens have registered their anger and dismay over the heart-rending incident via different social media platforms and have ridiculed the self-styled preacher in the strongest terms.

Such ostensible digital preachers have brought disrepute and ignominy to a class of paragon luminaries who have been the beacon of light for humanity in general and Muslims in particular. Their sole motive behind the sectarian abhorrence is quite ridiculous, lamentable and obnoxious. They are the melodious parrots who cantillate on beautiful tree branches but eat carrion from the heaps of filth. They have sold their consciences to their hollow fame, public applause and absolute arrogance. They go to any extent to get more views, shares and likes on different digital platforms, to earn a few bucks. I pity these devilish nincompoops and their oblivious admirers who buttress their blaring slogans to please the feigned hierarchs and the so-called ambassadors of Islam.

Renowned Islamic scholars also had had debates but with their non-Muslim contemporaries who would often deny the existence of God. Extraordinary intellect of these polymaths vanquished their counterparts without resorting to verbal abuse or muscular force. Once upon a time, a non-Muslim scholar openly challenged the great theologian and jurist – imam Abu Hanifa (RA) to prove the existence of Allah SWT. Imam Abu Hanifa (RA) accepted the challenge and decided to teach the atheist scholar a great lesson.

Both the contemporary scholars were all set to prove their arguments in an open field. Disciples and supporters of both the scholars thronged the place where the debate was supposed to take place. Imam Abu Hanifa (RA) arrived late by a couple of hours to the site of the debate ( Munazirah ). It enraged his rival, and he remarked sarcastically, “Abu Hanifa, why did you arrive so late ? Are you afraid of my knowledge and exceptional logic? Imam Abu Hanifa (RA) smiled and said, ” I was sure to reach in time but I came across a  strange and very unusual incident on way to my destination. While riding through a jungle, I saw a big tree falling down suddenly, it broke into planks and boards by itself. The planks and boards turned into a beautiful boat. The boat slid into a nearby river and began to ferry people to the other bank of the river. The pagan scholar bursted into a laughter and said mockingly, “Whoppers from a jurist of your calibre is tragic ! How is it possible that a tree will turn into a boat by itself? “Imam Abu Hanifa (RA) remarked deferentially,” My friend, a small boat needs someone to construct and row it but the vast universe has come into existence by itself. Isn’t it sheer stupidity and hypocrisy.” The pagan scholar was stunned by the wit and logic of imam Abu Hanifa (RA). He at once begged for pardon and recited KalimaTayyibah  andKalimaShahadah. Sub-Haanallah !

Contemporary preachers also indulge in debates but their intentions are wicked and iniquitous. They brag and boast of their knowledge, carry holy books to debate sites, as if they are carrying junk to sell at a flea market. Alas! We resort to sacrilege against our own religious scriptures.  SihayiSittah (Reverential six books ) is not meant for trivial bickering but for the renaissance of the muslimummah. The preachers should have balmed our bruises but they are hell-bent to scratch them to make us bleed.

Muslim ummah is going through turbulent times across the globe. Educational backwardness has reduced the whole ummah to mere puffs of foam though they exceed in number to different ethnic groups and other religious minorities. Cessation of logical thinking and reasoning has constrained the intellectual growth and development among the ummah. Christians, Jews and others have monopolized the world by the dint of their educational hegemony over others. Last two centuries are witness to the fact that the Muslim world is only busy with swallowing whole rams and chicken while as others are busy in reinforcing their labs and research institutions. Here, we have gone sliding down the hill. We are bereft of productive citizens and brains.

The intellectual crisis has its reasons deeply rooted in our wrong interpretation of the Quran and the Hadith. Our preachers and religious orators have confined the Deen to a few rituals and obligations. Our predecessors and ancestors had set great benchmarks for us but we chose the worship of taste-buds and bulging bellies. Ibni-Shatir, Bu-Ali Cena, Jabir Bin Hayan and dozens of others have been the idols and models from our splendiferous past but the cheap and ludicrous mindset of our religious clerics and preachers made the ummah to suffer. Such buffoons are responsible for the labefaction of the ummah. Such mindset made Muslim scientists to lower the antennas of Takiyuddin observatory of Turkey in 1580 when the country was hit by a plague, and such lunatic preachers attributed the plague to the erection of tall antennas of the astronomical observatory. Such attitude of the custodians of our pulpits ruined our intellectual and logical faculties, which ultimately led to the decline of an era of glory and splendid past. Oh ! We ceased to be reasonable and rationale.

Muslim ummah is laden with large workforce, resources and wealth but it is  devoid of critical thinking because religious preachers have been misleading commoners for last many decades. Pulpits and other religious places should have been the centres of our salvation and educational renaissance. But, alas ! Our nominal religious leaders have been busy in fomenting trouble in our masjids. Provocative speeches from religious podiums have fanned the flames of enmity, duality and sectarian detestation among the ummah. The ugly debates have desecrated our revered mosques and places of worship. May the owner of universe bless us with hidayah !

The writer is a Teacher and a Columnist. He can be reached at [email protected]

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