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J&K has always been a land of syncretic culture, all faiths & beliefs: Manoj Sinha

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Addresses national symposium on counter-radicalisation

SRINAGAR: Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, today addressed a national symposium on counter-radicalisation, a very significant initiative by youth, women and Islamic scholars of Kashmir Valley, at SKICC.

Speaking on the occasion the Lt Governor urged the community elders, religious heads and women to spread the message of Peace and Harmony among the new generation.

The Lt Governor said that J&K has always been a land of syncretic culture, all faiths & beliefs and this inclusive society, spirit of Kashmiriyat is the most effective tool to counter radicalistion.

“Families, Islamic scholars play important role in challenging the ideology and countering the narrative that legitimises and supports terrorism. A strong force of women, youth and Islamic scholars will certainly make the communities more resilient to terrorist ideology and propagandists,” he added.

According to an official press release, the Lt Governor appreciated the efforts being made to discuss the role of religious leaders and women in counter-radicalization, preventing the youth from choosing wrong path, and creating a violence-free society

The Lt Governor reiterated that the responsibility of stopping the people to deviate from the right path lies on the shoulders of the community elders, religious heads and the enlightened people of the society.

“I believe that by following the path of peace, we can live the ideals inherent in our society and make the dreams of a better future a reality. The aim of every human being should be to live peacefully, do good to all and work in the interest of the nation,” he said.

The Lt Governor said that the energies of the youth should be channeled into constructive & creative works and in building a new J&K, sustained peace, prosperity having ample avenues of growth and development.

The Lt Governor called upon the present generation, especially the community elders, religious heads and women folks to work together so that the message of peaceful co-existence should be passed on to the new generation.

Noting that most of the youth have chosen the right path, despite continuous efforts of many anti-national elements and foreign terror groups, the Lt Governor said efforts are still being made to incite our youth by the handlers in neighboring country which is biggest exporter of terror and radicalization.

The Lt Governor said that the family members of the youth who are seen as vulnerable to radicalization should take timely steps to prevent the worst from happening. They must keep a watch if there is any change in the behaviour of a child and take the help of community elders to save their child from entangling in wrong influences and environment.

On the occasion, the Lt Governor also highlighted the strides made in Power, Education, road connectivity and other sectors.

Regarding expansion of the road network, the Lt Governor said that now roads are being built at twice the length at which it was built earlier and road macadamisation is being done at three times the previous pace.

Saying that the Government is aware of increasing developmental aspirations and needs of the people, the Lt Governor said that 947 villages remained without road connectivity until last year. “UT Government is working to connect 186 villages and though the central scheme under which these roads were to be built, is ending this March, Hon’ble PM has assured that all the remaining villages of the UT would be connected with proper roads at any cost,” he added.

The Lt Governor also mentioned that the 5900 houses of Srinagar where 100% smart metering has been done, will receive 24 x7 reliable and quality power from three feeders. The number of houses would increase in future, he added.

Comparing the recent budget of J&K UT with the per capita spending for people of POJK, the Lt Governor said that $950 will be spent in terms of per capita share in J&K Budget 2022 which is much higher than $78.55 being spent per capita in POJK.

The Lt Governor said that youth of J&K is immensely talented which is evident from the laurels brought by J&K youth in national and international platforms in the academic, sports and other fields.

Recalling his visit to the convocation of Islamic University, the Lt Governor said that most of the gold medalists were girl students. J&K Youth have become role models, he added

The Lt Governor also spoke on the NEP. He said that NEP will contribute to the holistic growth and development of youth, and will lead to creation of a self-reliant J&K and the nation. NEP will be implemented in its letter and spirit by the next session.

The Lt Governor said that the appointment of Vice-Chancellors of J&K Universities has been done purely on the basis of academic and research achievements, result of which would be visible in the coming days.

It is high time the Youth of J&K came to the fore to take the UT to new heights of development and prosperity. The Lt Governor also mentioned about the recent visit of CEOs of UAE and GCC countries who visited J&K to explore investment opportunities and increase the export potential of J&K.

Speaking on the menace of Drug Abuse the Lt Governor said it is the second biggest threat which is affecting the youth. Drug abuse deprives the youth of making the best of their lives, destroying their present and future capabilities. He stressed the need for systematic community efforts against drug abuse to destroy this social evil completely.

He further said that Youth of J&K have immense potential and talent so they have to play a pivotal role in the development and progress of J&K.

Earlier, speakers highlighted the teachings of the different religions and unanimously said that all religions teach peace, love, amity and communal harmony implying violence has no place in any religion and civilized society, and peaceful co-existence is what takes us forward as a society creating a safe and bright future for our next generations.

The day-long National symposium witnessed huge participation of Islamic Scholars, women, civil society members and was attended by religious leaders, public representatives, a large number of youth and senior citizens from different parts of the valley.

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