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Discriminatory approach towards hilly Dists of Jmu region cause of serious concern:  Altaf Bukhari

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Jammu: Apni Party President Syed Mohammed Altaf Bukhari has expressed serious concern over divisive politics to downplay the suffering of people of Jammu Region particularly in hilly Districts with an intention to create a division.

Addressing a joining programme, Bukhari said: “An attempt is being made to create a wedge between the people in Jammu region for the political gains which shall be condemned in strongest words.”

“We believe in the unity and integrity of J&K without any discrimination based on caste, creed, region or religion. J&K as a single unit can survive even in the odds situation,” he said while welcoming the leader from Aam Aadmi Party, Sunny Chib who along with his supporters joined Apni Party.

He said that “The people are joining Apni Party because we have emerged as hope in this hopeless situation where we have no elected Govt and people are put to suffering unnecessary for one reason or the other.”

“Discrimination with hilly districts regarding development in comparison to others is such a serious matter that the people are feeling deprived due to present form of Govt which has lost its credential among the people,” he said.

He said that the hilly and remote areas in Jammu Region have been suffering due to the discriminatory approach of the authorities and field departments.

“Funds are not released appropriately for these Districts in comparison to other Districts which are preferred more than the deserving ones due to political consideration and vote bank politics,” he added.

He pointed towards issues of growing unemployment, under-development, inequality in distribution of Govt funds and other things that have added to the suffering of the people and created a sense of mistrust.

“This mistrust can be eradicated when Assembly Elections are held and at the same time, Statehood is restored to J&K. The anger among the people can be addressed by holding elections so that an elected Govt takes over the rule of J&K,” he said.

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