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JKPCC observes National Pollution Prevention Day

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Chairperson inaugurates demo cattle dung log-making machine

JAMMU: Jammu & Kashmir Pollution Control Committee observed National Pollution Prevention Day by organizing an awareness workshop for dairy farmers and Gaushala operators to ensure scientific disposal of cattle dung and other dairy waste and adopt best available technologies to minimize pollution and utilize the valuable dairy farm resource to the maximum possible extent.

The awareness workshop was organized in line with the theme of National Pollution Prevention Day to raise awareness about the importance of pollution control and educate stakeholders on how to prevent pollution.

Dr. Neelu Gera, Chairperson KPCC was the Chief Guest at the programme in presence of B.M Sharma, Member Secretary J&K PCC;  Yash Pal Sharma, Chairman SBM Standing  Committee of JMC; Sat Paul, Regional Director, J&K PCC, Jammu; Sanna Khan,  Deputy Director, ULB, Jammu; Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma, Municipal Veterinary Officer JMC; Niraj Upadhyay, Team Leader SBM, JMC;  Kulbhushan Khajuria, Member of advisory board for Kissan development, all Divisional Officers and technical officers, Pollution Control  Committee, Jammu were also present.

The workshop started with the inauguration of the cattle dung log-making machine. The cattle dung log-making unit having a capacity of processing approx. 200 kg of cow dung and producing 50-60 logs per hour has been procured with the efforts of the Pollution Control Committee through M/s Indian Oil Gas Corporation, Jammu. Responsibility of the smooth operation of the machine has been handed over to volunteers of Disha organization.

The inaugural ceremony was followed by detailed deliberations regarding compliance of guidelines for environmental management of dairy farms and gaushalas, standard methods to be adopted and followed by interaction with stakeholders to address the issues being confronted by them.

Satpaul, Regional Director, J&K PCC, formally welcomed all the dignitaries and participants in the workshop. He thanked the Management Committee of Gaushala for providing the space and other logistics for running the machine and taking this initiative towards on-site waste management that will help in production of eco-friendly logs that may be used for cremation, as fuel/briquettes in hotel tandoors etc.

B.M Sharma, Member Secretary, J&K PCC emphasized the importance of processing of cattle dung/urine at source by converting garbage to compost called as black gold and by installation of biogas plant or by converting cattle dung to logs/briquettes. He added that dairy farm waste, if disposed of untreated in drains or open plots may lead to clogging of drains,  thereby causing odour pollution, health risk due to surrounding air and water pollution, and further impressed on the compliance to the directions of  NGT .

The Chairman, SBM, Standing Committee, JMC talked about the steps being taken by Jammu Municipal Corporation to speed up process of registration of dairy farms and Gaushalas in Jammu city. He also informed that JMC has registered few dairies with all dung processing technologies in place and is all set to take stern action against defaulters after permissible time period granted for compliance.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Director, ULB, Jammu also assured that department of ULB, Jammu is also planning to start registration process for dairy farms and Gaushalas very soon while ensuring compliance of environmental nor. She also informed that there are very few (approx. 10) dairy farms/Gaushalas in their jurisdiction with 15 and above number of cattle heads.

Kulbhushan Khajuria, member of the advisory board for Kissan development discussed about the vermin-composting technique to treat cattle dung in an efficient manner, which is a very remunerative business.

Dr. Neelu Gera, Chairperson, Pollution Control Committee appreciated the efforts of  Pollution Control Committee officials for working in coordination with implementing authorities and concerned stakeholders to ensure compliance of relevant Rules and guidelines in consonance with Swachh Bharat Mission guidelines and directions of the Hon’ble NGT.

She also stressed upon the need to adopt environmental-friendly innovative products to  deal with heaps of otherwise unmanageable disposable waste that remains littered in drains,  sewers or ends up in landfills which is a cause of concern from environmental and health point  of view. She also thanked M/s Indian Oil for providing unique and innovative dung processing equipment. She expressed hope that the briquettes made from cattle dung shall be utilized for cremation as is already being done in Delhi and other States.

A small commendation ceremony was also organized by JKPCC to acknowledge the efforts of various NGOs and NSS volunteers from various colleges who actively participated during “Save Tawi Campaign” organized during Navratras w.e.f. 08-10-2021 to 14-10-2021. The  Nodal officers, NSS wings of GGM Science college, Jammu, MAM PG college, Govt. SPMR college of Commerce, GCW, Parade, GCW, Gandhi Nagar, Disha Organization, NGO “Live for  others-being helpful foundation, Seva Foundation and Climate Front Organization were also present on the occassion.

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