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RSS chief’s speech unravels his org’s exclusionist ideology: NC

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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday stated that the RSS chief’s speech in Jammu unravels his organization’s “exclusionist ideology” that feeds on majoritarianism.

While taking strong exception to RSS chief’s remarks in Jammu on preaching patriotism to J & K people, party spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said: “Before RSS starts serving certificates on patriotism, they should do a fact check on their own history. Their own credentials are under doubt. They have had a persistent problematic relation with the tricolor, which they didn’t hoist on their headquarters for more than five decades. They lack the moral disposition to preach nationalism and patriotism to JK people. They had absolutely no role in the independence struggle of India.”

“On the contrary Sher e Kashmir on account of his sincerity to the thought of secularism and patriotism was referred to as Sher e Bharat by none other than Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy,” he said.

BJP -RSS doesn’t believe in any nationalism, on the contrary, Imran said it is a toolkit to deflect people’s attention from real issues and run away from legitimate issues relating to failures of present incumbent governance. “Their report card on nation-building is poor,” he added.

He further said that India’s legitimate sense of ‘nationhood’ is embedded in a multi-cultural, multi-religious plurality. “It is vibrant glue that holds our country together. All the people of India are participants in this shared sense of nationhood, and any attempt by one group to claim a monopoly on nationalism by doubting the nationalistic bona fides of the ‘other’ is to deliberately equate nationalism with a deeply corrosive majoritarianism. It is because of entities and proxies like in JK that BJP and RSS are trying hard to push their vision. However JK people won’t allow RSS and its proxies to achieve their much-anticipated goals in JK,” he said.

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