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Congress will oust Godse’s followers from India: JKPCC chief

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Srinagar: Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president, Ghulam Ahmad Mir on Saturday said his party would ‘oust’ those who are trying to divide the country and people on the basis of the ideology of Nathuram Godse.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of Gandhi Jayanti at PCC headquarters here, Mir without naming Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) said those paying tributes and garlanding Gandhi on his birth anniversary are actually the followers of Nathuram Godse (Gandhi’s assassin).

He said those responsible for assassinating Gandhiji are tiling hard to spread Godse’s ideology in the country which Congress party would never allow to happen.

“It’s unfortunate that when whole world celebrates Gandhiji’s birthday, people sitting at the helm after want Gandhi ideology to be ended in the country. They no doubt pay tributes to him and garland his picture, but they follow Nathuram Godse ideologically,” Mir added.

He said those who try to impose Godse’s ideology in the country would also be ousted from India the way Britishers were.

Mir also apologized to the PM Modi on behalf of his party leader and former legislator who had made derogatory remarks against him during a public rally in north Kashmir.

“We may have ideological differences with each other but the Congress party never insults those sitting on the constitutional chair. Remarks made were inadvertent and not intended to hurt or insult any particular person,” he added.

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