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NC’s delimitation proposal in Jmu echoes BJP demands: Vakil

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Srinagar: Peoples Conference senior vice president and former minister, Abdul Gani Vakil, censured the National Conference for submitting a proposal to the delimitation panel in Jammu which echoes the BJP demands in framing a new criterion to delimit constituencies.

Vakil said that memorandum submitted by the NC in Srinagar is in contrast to the Jammu memorandum.

“In Srinagar, the NC leaders demanded that population should be the sole parameter to delimit constituencies whereas in Jammu it has urged the delimitation commission to give its due to all parts of Jammu region by taking area terrain, terrain and scattered population into consideration,” he said.

Vakil said that there is a vast difference in what the NC says in Jammu and what it says in Kashmir.

“We are not accusing them but let them describe and define the two starkly different memorandums they gave to the Delimitation Commission in Jammu and in Kashmir. The distance between Jammu and Kashmir is just 300 kilometers and yet such vast difference in what they say in Jammu and in Kashmir. It is time the people of Kashmir must see the real face of the NC. Gone are those days when NC leadership would weave a story in Kashmir and super weave another in Jammu and then superbly weave another one in Delhi. We are living in the age of electronic media where such hypocrisy gets exposed”, he added.

Vakil urged the NC to come out of the duplicity and inform the people of their real viewpoint.

“Does the NC believe that Jammu people have been wronged previously by the Delimitation Commissions? Does the NC believe that Kashmiris have been given more seats in the Assembly than they deserve? If they think this Delimitation Commission was unconstitutional in Kashmir why do they think it was not unconstitutional in Jammu? Why in Jammu they think that Jammu people have been wronged and in Kashmir they think Kashmiri people have been wronged,” he asked.

Vakil further said that after everything has been taken away from us, after even we are a UT, the NC is still not in a mood of mercy to to be truthful to the people of Kashmir.

“Even after we are left with nothing, are they still going to do the same? Where has shame gone? And for the people of J&K, please see where they stand. They stand with power. They stand with dishonesty, untruthfulness and thuggery,” he concluded.

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