No place for forcible conversion in Islam: Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam

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Srinagar: Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam Monday said that Sikhs are part and parcel of Kashmiri society and that there is no place for “forcible conversion in Islam” and that the alleged “forcible conversion” of Sikh girl can never be considered as a conversion as per Islamic jurisprudence.

News agency KNO quoted Mufti Nasir as saying that disturbing reports are coming from Srinagar that a Sikh girl has been allegedly abducted and forcibly converted to another religion and reportedly she has been forced to marry a man from another religion.

“First of all, there is no place for conversion by force in Islam. Conversion to Islam has to be by one’s conviction and choice without any force or compulsion,” Mufti Nasir said, adding that Sikhs are part and parcel of Kashmiri community and no one will be allowed to disrespect their faith in the Valley.

“Let there be an impartial enquiry into the matter,” he said.

He said Kashmir is known for maintaining communal harmony for years together and Sikhs are an important part of Kashmir’s age-old culture, ethos and communal brotherhood.

“No one will be allowed to play with the faith of Sikh brethren. There should be a strict action against wrong-doers,” he said.

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