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Issue global tenders to procure COVID-19 vaccines: NC asks J&K admin

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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Saturday asked the incumbent JK administration to issue global tenders to procure Covid-19 Vaccines to ensure expeditious inoculation of the vaccine to the entire populace of Jammu and Kashmir before the imminent third wave of the deadly virus.

While expressing concern over the shortage of Covid Vaccines across Kashmir, Party’s YNC Provincial President and Former Mayor Salman Ali Sagar said that everywhere in Kashmir now vaccine seekers are being turned away from government-designated Covid care health facilities. He said the situation is affecting the first time vaccine seekers as well as the beneficiaries of the second dose as well. “Even those people who have already registered and got the confirmation SMS are being turned away. People are leaving vaccination centers disappointed without getting a jab. This besides putting the people to undue trepidation is also jeopardizing their wellbeing. If the vaccines are available why is it then people are asked to flock to these designated vaccination centers in the first place. The authorities have been maintaining that adequate viles are available with them but the ground situation is contrary to what is being claimed. Even the priority groups aren’t able to get their first and second dozes done,” he said.

“The prevailing pace of vaccination is of no account to avoid further mortalities during the looming third wave of covid infections. JK administration should, without more ado flaunt global tenders to make good of the shortage. Rather than idling away and twiddling one’s thumbs until the next much-awaited consignment of vaccine vials reach JK from center, the incumbent administration should take initiatives locally to plug the loopholes. Various Indian states have issued global tenders for procurement of Covid vaccines; the JK administration should take a cue from them to speed up the vaccination in JK,” he added.

Voicing against the centralized procurement of vaccination, Sagar said the states across India are flaunting separate tenders to procure the vaccines from abroad rather than waiting for and competing against each other on the quantum of quota being dispatched by the center. “Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana, Haryana, and Delhi have already decided to go global to ensure a steady supply of vaccines to their respective populace.  State’s irrespective of whether ruled by BJP or Congress are taking this route in view of the unsteady vaccine supply from the center. I hope the incumbent JK administration will consider going global to ensure rigorous vaccination across Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

Meanwhile, Salman also highlighted the unavailability of Covid vaccine at SDH Hazratbal, impressing upon the administration to ensure the accessibility of people to vaccines at the facility. He drew the attention of the incumbent administration towards the shortfall of Medics, and Para Medics across all PHCs and other secondary health care hospitals across Srinagar district, calling for the engaging of unemployed medical, and Paramedical graduates to address the manpower deficiency.

“Lining up beds only won’t help make any difference. The deficiency of digital X-Ray machines and other vital equipment needed to fight third stage  Covid patients is also severely being felt at all PHCs, and TB centers across district Srinagar, Hazratbal being no exception. The situation is rather grimmer in the outlying areas of Saidakal, Runi Mohalla, Sultan Mohalla, Bali Mohalla, Ashraf Mohalla, Shiekh Mohalla, Moti Mohhalla, Alim Bhat Mohalla, Brad Kani, and Daryadin colony, Habak, Zakura, Naseem Bagh, Mulfak, Burzhama, Inderhama, and other adjoining areas. The divisional and district administration should, without any further delay, take stock of the medicinal supplies at all PHCs, TB centers in these hamlets. In addition to it, the divisional administration should ensure availability of all covid care drugs, manpower, and critical covid care equipment at all the health facilities across Hazratbal,” he said.

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