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COVID mortality rate jumps from 0.25% to 1% in Srinagar since Feb: Officials

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Lockdown imperative to save lives: DC Asad

Srinagar: According to the officials, the mortality rate due to COVID-19 has surged from 0.25 percent in February to one percent at present in Srinagar district.

An official said that with 3500-5000 Covid tests a day, the district records an average of around 1000 Covid positive cases on a daily basis, while as in the month of February 1500-2000 tests were conducted in a day with an average of around 30-40 positive cases.

“The mortality has surged to one percent, which was 0.25 percent in the month of February,” an official said.

According to the official data, Srinagar has a total caseload of 46,784, out of which 36,081 have recovered, 560 have died and 10,143 is the current active case load in the district.

Srinagar, Deputy Commissioner and District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) chairman Aijaz Asad Tuesday said that being a red zone, imposing strict lockdown has become imperative. He said that civil and police administration is on roads to ensure people do not violate guidelines.

“It is in everybody’s interest to break the transmission chain, and for that we need to follow all SOPs related to Covid-19,” he said.

An official said that lockdown is very important at this stage, and priority has to be given to save lives and prevent further spread of the virus in the district.

“Many countries imposed brief lockdowns, and here in the valley this is not new now, as people know the realities associated with this pandemic. In district Srinagar alone, 560 fatalities have occurred due to this deadly virus,” an official said.

“Though it is an announced lockdown, police and district administration officials on a daily basis impose fines on those who violate guidelines. Though the medical emergencies and essential services are exempted, people can be seen roaming on roads without any genuine reason and that too without face masks,” an official said.

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