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Unauthorized parking at Bakshiabad Anantnag causing inconvenience to motorists, pedestrians

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BY: Hashim Muneer Khan

Anantnag: The unauthorized parking on both sides of the road at Bakshiabad Anantnag by J&K Bank Zonal Office employees is causing huge inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians here.

According to locals, the J&K Bank Zonal Office employees park their vehicles haphazardly at Bakshiabad. “It is so difficult for heavy vehicles to pass through the street as there is very little space left,” said Idress Ahmad, a local resident.

“We have been requesting the employees to stop parking vehicles on the roadside but to no avail,” he added.

Municipal Committee Vice President Muzamil Sofi assured that they will take strict action against violators.

J&K Bank Zonal Office head, Ali Mohd, said, “The basement of the bank building is under construction due to which our employees are parking their vehicles outside.”

“We are trying our best to resolve the issue,” he added.

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