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SKIMS Unveils Annual Day & Convocation, 2020 logo

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Srinagar: Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences unveiled its 38th Annual Day & 3rd convocation, 2020 logo today. SKIMS is celebrating its 38th Annual Day & 3rd Convocation 2020 on Dec. 05, 2020. The essence of this logo symbolizes SKIMS fight & role in combating COVID-19 pandemic. The logo with tagline “Conquering Corona” displaying in different colours represents the different aspects of SKIMS sojourn.

Director SKIMS & Ex-Officio Secretary to Govt. Dr. A.G Ahangar while giving the description said that “ SKIMS is celebrating its Annual Day 2020 on 5th Dec. 2020. It is incorporating its convocation 2020, in it also. On this occasion SKIMS has devised a logo which symbolizes the essence of SKIMS and the combat against this Corona pandemic as on date”.

“This logo starts with the Green Globe that is the earth that has been sustaining life for all the billions of years, it has been in evolution. The Chinar leaf with its golden hue in the months of autumn and winter symbolizes the beauty of Kashmir as well as the beauty of  SKIMS that has been there for all these four decades now. Coincidently in the month of December last year the Corona Pandemic started, engulfed the entire world , it has taken a very heavy toll of human life , crumbled the economies, education world over, It has threatened the very existence of the human life on this planet, he added.

At SKIMS the medical fraternity with all the supportive staff  have been  combating this Corona Pandemic in the form of the staff of this Chinar leaf  that is visible in the white colour which depicts the white collar , the apron of the medical fraternity world over. Now this staff is tearing apart this red serpent-the corona, this white staff is our weapon and our deterrence for this Corona Pandemic. At the SKIMS we have been combating corona very efficiently , salutes to all the work force. The golden base of this logo depicts the strength that this institution has for all these four decades, unshakable and because of the strength and because of the talent and because of the potential of the Medical fraternity and the supportive Services, this   unshakable logo as this Institution  is referred is the strength of our source to combat the Corona, so we are Conquering Corona, he concluded


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