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BJP has failed Jammu, raking up emotive issues as diversionary tactics: Rana

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JAMMU:  National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana today slammed the BJP for hoodwinking public opinion by raking up residuary and emotive issues to divert the attention from its failures on all fronts.

“The BJP has nothing to offer to the people and therefore it has been shying away from focussing on the core issues”, Mr Rana said while addressing workers of DDC Constituency Dansal as part of the campaign in favour of NC candidate Shamim Begum.

Rana reminded the BJP of the massive 2014 Jammu mandate for development and welfare and said that instead of doing a little bit in this regard they pushed the entire region to the wall. The developmental machinery came to a grinding halt and the utility services suffered major jolt due to the self-centred approach of the BJP leaders. The hope of inclusive development and political reconciliation were taken over by despair, as the self styled champions of the Jammu cause failed to satiate the urges and aspirations of people.

“BJP has not understood the idea of Jammu and Kashmir”, Mr Rana said while decrying the dubious tactics being employed to hoodwink public opinion. He referred to the bogies being created by the saffron brigade and said this has neither worked in the past nor will create any magic for BJP in future. He said the upcoming polls will send a terse message to the BJP for pursuing the politics of deceit and hate that has caused enormous damage to the secular fabric of this land of Sufis and Saints.

Rana castigated BJP for indulging in rhetoric and playing unethical politics by scheming against the overall interests of people. “It has never pursued politics based on principles but inflicted scars on public sensitivity by raking up frivolous and emotive issues to polarise the situation”, he said.

The Provincial President hoped the people have not forgotten the BJP duplicity while expressing confidence that they will put their decisive decision on the day of reckoning. This is discernible by the mood prevailing during the current District Development Council polls, he said, adding that this will set a tone for the entire electoral process. He anticipated a big win for the alliance candidates.

Rana sought a massive mandate for Shamim Begum, a highly educated candidate of NC from DDC Dansal.

Prominent among those present on the occasion included senior leader Rattan Lal Gupta, Dilshad Malik, Haji Mohammed Hussain, Ch Rehmat Ali Chairman BDC Nagrota, Block President, all Sarpanchs and Panchs besides prominent party workers of 25 panchayats of DDC Dansal.


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