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QAZI SHABANA- Shaping imagination into Sculptors!

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Sumaiya Mir

Qazi Shabana is the emerging sculptor whose work is earning her an outstanding mention among the art circles while she continues to inspire young students by her. Her work involves making artistic use of wire, mud, wood and steel which are formed in various artistic shapes and sculptures and in doing so she often has to employ heavy tools including saw chains and welding machines. Though equally trained and polished in digital art and other forms of art including calligraphy, she has however laid her focus on sculpting. She is pursuing her degree in Fine Arts from University of Kashmir.

Seen as a break from the usual preferences, Shabana is fast shaping up her career in the field and telling her stories through her art. A keen animal lover, she opines that ‘nature and animals feed her soul and always comforts her in every situation’. In pursuing her choice, she has already won over the stereotypical understanding of women’s choices and preferences by opting for gadgets that are often associated with physically stronger persons.  “No one decides for me weather I will be able do it or not and it is going to be my choice alone. Other people don’t know your strengths so don’t let them affect your choice. If you love something then do it, that is the mantra of succeeding” she says adding that Kashmiris were extremely talented but many don’t get recognized for their mesmerizing work for keeping a low profile. “I wish that all the artists get duly recognized and are appreciated” she added.

Though her parents were never opposing her choice and would always stand by her side, more appreciation however began pouring in once her art works begain to be recognized and many of her works found buyers. Her parents were finally happy, proud and satisfied with their daughters and appreciated her decision of her career in art.

Once while using welding machine, she accidently hurt her eyes after which her parents restricted her from continuing this art form but her determination of never giving up kept her motivated and she emerged back stronger than ever before. “My art has made me stronger and I have discovered a new side of me” says Shabana adding that art was divine and its dimensions were as deep as ocean and as vast as the sky. “There is always so much to learn and so much to give a try to and I don’t limit my choices,” she concluded.

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