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By: Mir Seerat

Living in a male dominated society makes me think about every hardship a girl has to face from the birth till end. At every phase of her life she has to face different monsters with different evil intentions. Is it her sin to be born as a girl?

Yes, she is born soft and delicate but that doesn’t mean she is born to be abused, molested or raped. It’s not the issue of only one person, one religion, one state or one country. It is the issue of entire world. Ironically rape is just considered as a women’s issue . Everyone should think about it and ask themselves is  it really a women’s issue or is it the issue of men who stop being humans.  There goes a famous slogan “Beti bachav Beti padho” (educate girl save a daughter). In the present scenario it should have been “beta padho usay  janvar bannay say bachav” (educate a son , save him from becoming a monster).

Everyone is always ready to lecture their daughters about their lifestyle.  How they should dress up, how they should walk, when they should leave and when they should return. But do you bother giving those big lectures to your sons. Do you ever tell them how to respect and protect a girl. You don’t allow your daughter to go out after sunset. But do you ever ask your son why is he back after sunset?

In all over the world, someone is killed in a road accident on an average of every 12.5 minutes, while someone is raped on an  average of  every 2.5 minutes. In every 15 minutes a rape case is registered. Many try to keep it as a secret whether they themselves don’t want to get revealed and fight or they are forced by their family or others not to reveal it and keep it as a secret. It seems like a joke but you allow a rapist to move freely and abuse, molest and rape many other girls. Many girls even don’t know what rape means until it happens to them. Every country has such a major force on their borders to protect their country from outside attacks. But why can’t they protect innocent lives inside their countries from their own people. Why isn’t every rapist being punished? Why 100’s of rapists still roam and harass many other girls freely?

We all estimate the number of women being raped every day, every week, every month, every year and even after every 10 years but we never estimate how many rapists have faced punishments. We talk about girls are being abused, why don’t we talk about boys who are abusing? Talking about the victim is okay but why not to discuss the perpetrator too.                   We live in a strange world where girls are being taught ‘don’t get raped’ instead of teaching the boys ‘don’t rape’. Don’t rape, not because you have a mother, not because you have a sister, not because you have a wife or not because you have a daughter. Don’t rape because rape is the heinous crime against humanity.

  • Hailing from south Kashmir, the writer is a student of DMPS Pampore.

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