Dr. Shahid Amin Trali

Blessings of Ramadan Kareem

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The world is but temporary and no one and none will exist forever. The ongoing pandemic has badly exposed this world. Today the best and most advanced countries have suffered the most.

Man was turning more greedy and selfish. One can even reach to any extent to satisfy his/her lavish desires through foul play and cheap tactics. But one must not forget that death is but the fact of life. The value of this world is limited to a tiny part and the ultimate value lies hereafter.

It is a big cruelty and evil that has taken place on this earth. The world is in deep shock today and no one except humans are to be blamed for this deep crisis. It is good time to repent for our evil deeds and work for peace. We must be good to everyone irrespective of religion, caste, creed, region and color, etc. It does not require some magic. Our success as humans is assured because of our values and good choices in life. We must enjoy every moment of life but equally think about fellow being and other species in this world. We’re only here not forever, so we must stay positive and accept this harsh reality.

‘Ramadan Kareem’ is a unique and special time around the world. The purpose of fasting during Ramadan, which also prohibits participating in sensual pleasures, is to lessen believers’ dependence on material goods, purify their hearts and ascertain cohesion with the poor to encourage charitable works.  Most of us underestimate the value of humility in life. It is a great asset that one must develop. It keeps us modest and eager to learn new, regardless of how much we already know. We must not allow grudges and grievances to add to our burden. Humans are gifted with the power of thinking.

When humans rule their mind by controlling pessimism and doubts, they will start ruling their world. Peace and prosperity doesn’t result from how much we get but from our contribution to the society. If we want an abundant life, we must help poor and needy as much as possible. We must try to build a strong and diverse global society, where people of every race, faith and color are valued for the qualities of their character, actions and deeds.

It is important to learn and apply the vital teachings of Ramadan. The values of Ramadan are the ones that we must not forget; the importance of patience, empathy and service to others. The holy month shows us how these values can be put into practice in our day-to-day life. May Allah protect this world from this crisis now and guide us on a right path – Happy Ramadan Kareem.

(Dr. Shahid Amin Trali is Assistant Professor at School of Management, ITM University Gwalior; Youth Ambassador, IYS, and Editor-in-chief for www.startupdailytips.com and a columnist. He can be reached at- [email protected])



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