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No COVID-19 patient is being treated in Casualty, Emergency Ward of SHMS: Hospital Administration

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SRINAGAR: The administration of GMC, Srinagar and SMHS Hospital has strongly refuted the allegations that COVID patients are being kept in Emergency of SMHS Hospital, Srinagar.

According to a written statement issued by the authorities of the hospital, Government Medical College Srinagar has a dedicated COVID hospital at Chest Diseases Hospital, Srinagar and all highly suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases are admitted there.

However, Respiratory Clinics have been established at major hospitals including SMHS Hospital, Srinagar where a person with acute respiratory infection is admitted in a separate 10 bedded isolation ward.

The statement further reads, that another facility at paid rooms area with medical ICU (MICU) and each having separate toilet-washroom is established to cater to patients with lower respiratory tract infections with co-morbidities wherein sampling for testing of such cases for COVID is also done. Besides, the growing number of cases with acute respiratory illnesses, a medical emergency ward in Casualty Block has been dedicated for cases having influenza-like illnesses (ILI) or Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) where they are also tested for COVID-19 infection along with other investigations and has a separate toilet within the ward.

As on date all such patients have been tested negative. Any patient highly suspicion of COVID-19 is referred to CD Hospital Srinagar at the time of arrival in Emergency of SMHS Hospital.

Such patients having acute respiratory infections cannot be shifted directly to CD Hospital, Srinagar as there is a risk of coming in contact with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases, the statement reads.

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