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KPC holds talk about non-sustainable development and media’s role

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SRINAGAR: Kashmir Press Club on Thursday organized an event wherein Professor Jan Haenraets, a Professor in the Preservation Studies Program at Boston University and landscape architect and conservation specialist talked about non-sustainable development and media’s role in acting as a watchdog to prevent damage and destruction to heritage and historic sites.

He said that Srinagar city is rapidly losing heritage, architecture, horticulture and agriculture land, Karewas, water bodies and above all a proper planning.

He suggested media could run awareness campaign so that people are educated about these issues.

Media can play an important role in disseminating awareness among the people and provoke the community to act. He said that Kashmir’s own culture and tradition and local history was not included in the school textbooks here which is why people lack knowledge about their past.

He was accompanied by Director Planning and CordinationJhelum Tawi Flood Recovery Project /Chief Town Planner, TPO Jammu Iftikhar Ahmed Hakim.

Kashmir Press Club management thanked Prof Jan for delivering the talk. They said such events will be a regular feature at the club for the benefit of journalists.

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