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Hakeem Yaseen cautions against tinkering with Article 35-A

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Srinagar: Observing that entire population in Kashmir was reeling under the grip of constant fear and panic over the rumours of scraping of Article 35-A, Chairman Peoples Democratic Front (PDF), Hakeem Yaseen has asked the center to clear the dust on the matter. He said deployment of additional 10000 troops in Kashmir valley have further compounded the already grim situation, plunging the people in an atmosphere of intense anxiety and scare.

In a statement issued to KNS, Hakeem Yaseen, while expressing his concern over the rumours about threat to Article 35-A, has urged the central government to come clear over the issue that has plunged entire population in the Kashmir into panic and scare. He has asked the center to desist from commenting on sensitive constitutional issues till an elected government was in place in the state.

He said Article 370 and Article 35-A has constitutional and emotional ramifications attached to it which needs to be kept in view while commenting on its validity. He said Art. 35-A was irrevocable and only an elected civilian government can deliberate on various dimensions of the issue.

Cautioning the center against any misadventure on Article 370 and Article 35-A, Hakeem Yaseen said that exploitation of constitutional and sensitive political issues for petty politicking would only cause further alienation among the people. He said it was in larger interest of the country to leave all the constitutional matters and provision upto the elected government to deliberate, including Article 35-A, which guarantees special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Hakeem Yaseen said that the turmoil ravaged people of Kashmir need humanitarian treatment to heal up their wounds rather than provocation of their emotions and sentiments for petty political gains.

“Center should adopt a cautious approach to win hearts and minds of the people of Kashmir instead of provoking their psyche,” Hakeem Yaseen maintained while cautioning against any move aiming at to tamper with Article 370 and Article 35-A.

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