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Sajad Lone pays tribute to Martyrs of 1931

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Srinagar, July 11: Peoples’ Conference Chairman, Sajad Gani Lone while paying homage to the martyrs of 13th July 1931, has pledged to carry forward their sacred struggle for empowering the traditionally disempowered Kashmiri and make him the master of his own destiny

“The movement against the monarchy was started and led by the people of Kashmir, who immortalised their courageous fight by rendering the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. Their valiant struggle in 1931 was for change, a struggle against monarchy, oppression and feudal repression. Our struggle today is for change as well – against murderous and treacherous dynasties that left the monarchy well behind in their unquenchable thirst to kill, imprison and humiliate Kashmiris. The dream of Change that Peoples’ Conference stands committed to is inspired from the spirit of Change that was nurtured and sown by the martyrs in 1931”, he said.

Sajad said that the souls of the martyrs of 1931, who rendered the heroic sacrifice would be dismayed to know that their fight against injustice was miscarried to abort the movement of change and was instead “manipulated to effect the replacement of a monarchy by brutal, ruthless anti-Kashmir political dynasties that went on to plunder the state.”

“The sense of servility that a Kashmiri has been subjected to by allegedly his own rulers is no different than what the rulers in 1931 did. And that is precisely what we need a Change from – a Change that empowers the traditionally disempowered Kashmiri and makes him the master of his own destiny,” he added.

Sajad said the traditional dynastic parties have dishonoured the sacrifices of the martyrs and there is absolutely nothing in common these dynasties could possibly feign to have with the martyrs of Kashmir, or with their heroic struggle for dignity.

“While the martyrs of 1931 represent Change, the political dynasties of the day represent tyranny, status-quo and exploitation,” he said

While paying tribute to the martyrs, Sajad said that their sacrifices would continue to inspire people of the state to fight for their rights, dignity and justice.

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