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Er. Rasheed welcomes US law makers stand on atrocities on Chinese Muslims

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Condemns silence of Islamic countries; urges Pakistan to wake-up and play its role

Srinagar 06 July: Welcoming US law makers stand on atrocities on Uighurs Muslim community in Xinjiang province of China, AIP President Er. Rasheed has urged world community to take notice of Chinese atrocities on the entire Muslim population. While interacting with various deputations in Srinagar today, Er. Rasheed said “Trump administration must play its role and persuade rest of the world to make Chinese government respect the right to live with honor and dignity that of Muslim community living in Xinjiang province. It is now neither a fiction nor any allegation that Muslims in Xinjiang province are facing the worst sort of state terrorism and their fundamental, religious and other rights have been completely snatched. The entire world community is duty bound to take notice that how entire community of Uighurs has been caged and detained in a vast network of camps in the name of counter terrorism.”

Er. Rasheed questioned Islamic countries and various human rights organizations for keeping silence over the genocide of Muslims in Xinjiang and for not putting required pressure on Chinese government to allow religious freedom in the region. He said “It is painful that not only Muslims are debarred from following their dress code and other traditions but there can be nothing shameful than the fact that Muslims are not allowed even to have fasting during Ramdhan”.

Er. Rasheed urged Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to break the silence and seek answers from Chinese government. He asked Pakistani government not to forget its claims of Pakistan being a shelter for entire Muslims but not collecting courage to ask its best ally China why is it not treating even its own people as humans.

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