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Don’t fiddle with special status, rehabilitate KPs

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Srinagar, July 5: Kashmiri Pandits today slammed the centre for fiddling with special status of Jammu and Kashmir saying the ground is allegedly being prepared to settle outsiders in Kashmir while its natives (KP’s) have been living a life of nomads over the past more than three decades.

“Who would they settle here after abrogating Article 35-A when natives of Kashmir lives a life of nomads over the past thirty three years, first ensure return of Kashmir Pandit’s back to their motherland then talk about removing Article 35-A and 370,” said Sampat Prakash Kundu a Kashmiri Pandit who first invoked Article 370 against his detention under a law passed by the Indian Parliament in 1968.

Kundu accompanied by several other Pandit’s while addressing a press conference at Kashmir Press Club termed the exodus of KP’s in early nineties a conspiracy to divide communities.

He asserted that he has been and will continue to fight against the evil forces who for their personal and political gains hatched conspiracy against Kashmiri Pandit’s.

He said that he called for a strike when centre was mulling to construct separate clusters for Kashmiri Pandit’s in the valley.

“We did not surrender in past nor will we compromise in future as well. We have here our (Devi Devtas) gods like Kheer Bhawani, Kali Mandir, Badra kali, Amarnnath, Ganpatyar, and Barabarshah; does that mean our gods too have to shift to separate clusters. This was another conspiracy and I vehemently resisted the plan and called for strike,” he added.

He said the government other than pitting communities against each other should find a way-out for the return of Kashmiri Pandit’s back to their motherland. Kundu said Kashmiriyat is second name of nationalism and those who try to divide communities will not be tolerated.

Another Pandit accompanying Kundu said the word separatism is nowhere mentioned in Kashmiriyat, however one becomes a separatist when his rights are snatched and he is deprived of what he actually deserves.

“These are politicians who play the game, we had pinned hopes with our people including local politicians and others who represent Kashmir to come to our help but unfortunately they turned out to be money minters who cashed the situation for their own interests,” he said.

Condemning what he termed division between communities by vested interest elements, he said not only communities but whole Kashmiriyat has been divided “I appeal everyone to stand like a rock against plans of fringe elements who continue to mint money out of the prevailing situation in Kashmir”

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