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Mardabagh residents decry lack of basic facilities

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Ganderbal, June 27: Residents of Maradabagh in district Ganderbal are up in arms against the authorities as, according to them, the village lacks basic facilities.

Local residents said that they have been neglected by district administration. “Basic facilities like roads, portable water and electricity have not been repaired or upgraded since decades,” they added.

A local resident, Ahmad Rehman, said: “We are being compelled to drink polluted water because the tap-water supplied to us is not treated. There is a constant threat of waterborne diseases in our village.”

“Roads here are also in dilapidated condition with potholes all over. Commuters and pedestrians suffer a lot due to the bad condition of the road,” he added.

Local residents also castigated Power Development Department (PDD) for not upgrading the electricity transmission lines in the village.”Low tension transmission lines are of very poor quality which often develop snags and effect electricity supply to our village,” they said, adding, puny transmission line also poses serious threat to life and property.

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