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Dr Tasaduk holds LIVE awareness session on ‘violence against doctors’

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Srinagar, June 21: Jammu and Kashmir’s prominent educationist, doctor and columnist Dr. Tasaduk Hussain Itoo, held a LIVE Awareness Session on topic titled ‘Violence Against Doctors’ on Thursday evening for a duration of around 1 hour by joining from his original FB Profile.

During the session Dr Tasaduk stressed upon some crucial causes and possible solutions to address ‘Violence against doctors” with special emphasis on Doctor-Patient relationship.

Talking to Kashmir Images, Dr Itoo said that such kind of awareness sessions are crucial need of the hour as the issue of “violence against doctors” is growing seriously since last many years and as we have seen recent spate of violent acts happened against doctors across the India.

Pointing about the causes, Itoo said that besides other causes, distortion of Doctor-Patient relationship in present day era is one of the crucial reasons for emergence of violence against doctors.

“I believe that for any relationship to hold bond of strength, mutual understanding and trust for each other is very important. Whenever there happens any misunderstanding or distrust, disputes and conflict arises. Likewise is the doctor-patient relationship. Rising disputes, conflicts and violent acts are the result of distortion of this relationship,” Dr Itoo added.

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