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Taking care of the Needy!

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Muslims all over the globe are supposed to help each other in this holy and the rest of months in general

BY: Peer Faizan Bashir

The holy month of Ramadhan isn’t about just praying five times a day, fast the whole day, and spend more and more time in Ibbadah, but it is more than this. It encompasses the concept of helping and encouraging the needy as well. Those that are in need of help seek assistance in this very month.

However, a couple of days back, while I was going to offer the ‘Magrib’ prayers, I saw a young lady along with two little children making rounds outside the Masjid. Upon observing them, they pocketed out a piece of cloth with some documents hanging on a short thread and leaned against the wall. A few minutes later, surfacing these things onto the floor, they begin to seek alms so melancholically that nobody would turn eyes off them and one would have expected some alms coming their way. But that wasn’t the case—the people didn’t pay any heed! What was more shocking and troublesome was the attitude of some of the people who nearly abused them for ‘posing’ such and such. How would I ever be able to forget her pale face and uncanny gesture? It was so painful to bear and I immediately went ahead to check the papers they were carrying.

It was documented properly that the two children were suffering from blood cancer and needed treatment. The lady was divorced and had to single handily take care of the two kids- life had been harsh in her and yet she wanted ti struggling against all odds.

We are always ready to lampooning, deriding and even treating less fortunate people like animals. The messenger of Allah has forbidden us to treat a destitute as that—but this seems to have no value before these pure people always seen boastful of their lives. What’s the worth of fasting the whole month while ignoring the needy people’ that desire for a morsel of food!

Muslims all over the globe are supposed to help each other in this holy and the rest of months in general; and when it comes to a destitute, it’s onus on us to uplift and assist them through all ways possible. It’s our duty to not let the needy onto their fate, rather we should alter their ruined-fate into good. That’s what defines a true human being. What’s better than making else one happy is the question we need to contemplate on.

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