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Tribal hutments being torched in Bandipora, Governor must intervene: PDP

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After Jammu, community being targeted, hounded in Kashmir by Govt: Akhtar

Srinagar:  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday condemned the government action against tribal community of Bandipora’s  Argham –Chapran, stating that the hutments of these people are being torched and they are being hounded for no fault.

Senior PDP leader and former minister Naeem Akhtar said that it is unfortunate to witness how the community members are targeted, unnecessarily intimidated and harassed by the state authorities. He said that these people are being evicted from their lands and are suffering a lot of pain and a lot of loss. “They have been deprived of their livelihood and this selective targeting has made their lives hell. Governor must intervene and stop this as such state actions send a wrong message across as this was the community that was targeted in Jammu and now it has reached Kashmir with the exodus plan being started from Argham Bandipora,” Akhtar said.

He added that this is a misguided approach to removing encroachments and setting the traditional huts on fire is condemnable, barbaric and must stop without any delay.  “This has also given rise to law and order situation. The area is tense and the governor administration must immediately issue instructions to stop this unauthorised and illegal demolitions.  This is related to the livelihood of this community,” said Akhtar.

He added that it is ironic to find that on one side the government is telling these people to adopt the modern methods of dairy farming and on the other hand they are being evicted from their grasslands on which they have grazed their cattle for centuries.

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