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BJP brought misery, despair to Jammu people: Rana

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POUNTHAL: National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Sunday lashed out at BJP for bruising the pride and psyche of Jammu during its first and last stint in the government in Jammu and Kashmir, saying people got nothing but miseries for their sin of mandating hugely this insensitive party to power in 2014.

“However, soon after rehabilitating themselves in power corridors, the BJP ministers turned nelson’s eye towards the issues confronting the region and left people in the lurch”, Rana said while addressing workers at Chalana in Pounthal Panchayat and Panwali in Dhan Panchayat in Nagrota Assembly Constituency.

Posing several direct questions to the BJP, Rana asked what they had done for Jammu despite being in the government at the Centre for nearly five years and in the State for over three years. He said PDP-BJP rule will go in the annals of history as most nightmarish misrule, which brought miseries to the State in general and the Jammu region in particular. He said the BJP is turning speechless whenever asked by the people to spell out even one single achievement they registered for the benefit of the Jammu region.

Rana referred to nervousness in the BJP camp over shrinking of its space in Jammu and described its vein bid to reach out to the people as desperate maneuvering to retrieve the doomed electoral prospect. He said BJP stands isolated in the region and cautioned people to guard against its designs to whip up passions by exploiting religious and regional sentiments. The BJP has mastered in dividing people but this point of time none of their machinations will work, as the electors have seen their real face behind the Makhota of Messihas of the Jammu cause, he added.

Rana said the BJP leadership in the State had turned so brazen and arrogant that they showed tendencies of disregard even towards the people who voted them to power. “Now the scenario is totally changed and they are shying to face the same people for their misdeeds and arrogance”, he said, asking the BJP to see writing on the wall and shun negativity for the larger interests of the the Jammu region.

On this occasion several prominent persons joined the National Conference.

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