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Environment Ministry calls for discouraging plastic use in election campaigning

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JAMMU, JANUARY 31: In run up to the General Elections-2019, the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has called for discouraging single use plastic during poll campaigning.

“A lot of campaigning material including; posters, cut-outs, hoardings, banners, political advertisements, etc is made, of plastic. After elections, the campaigning materials, are discarded and become waste. Such single-use plastic waste generated during campaigning does, not get collected, and causes choking of drainage and river systems, ingestion by stray animals, land and water pollution, open   air burning, etc leading o adverse impact on human health and environment. Some of these plastics are Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) based which produces toxic emissions on burning,” said an advisory issued by the Union Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change to the Chief Secretaries and Chief Electoral Officers throughout the country.

It said a number of alternate options to use of plastic in campaigning material are available such as compostable plastics, natural fabrics, recycled paper material etc, which have lesser environmental impact. “Such materials need to be promoted as a sustainable and environmentally sound management practice,” it said adding that the upcoming General Elections present an excellent opportunity to introduce a behavioral change in election campaigning and promote sustainable practices.

It said the ill impacts of plastic waste, which are not recyclable or bio-degradable, are well known. “I had earlier written to you with a request to phase out single-use plastic in offices. I am again reiterating the request, particularly with reference to the upcoming General Elections,” it said.

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