Mushtaque B Barq


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Alice put on a brave face after she was shaken by recent development in the Wonderland, where politics and religion are forcibly married in a Church governed by atrocities, aided with irrational and monotonous monologues.  This new vanguard in disguise promotes nationalism in its galvanized form.  This development to Alice seems a pulsating irritation. A kind of itching that knows no limitation.  Being a representative of humanity, she believes that her role in the nation building is almost over. The rainbow no more was up above the sky but as a fallen bow of a soldier who for the cause let the enemy satiate the lust roused by atrocities.  The wonderland of Alice all of a sudden changed its topography; it no longer remained land of fancies, but a political stage, wherein, party politics devoid of penetration was showcased under the garb of the national interest. The new wave not only influenced the youth of the land but her own playmates like Aliza, Anne and Aysha too were lured by the radiance of amalgamation. A concoction of wild vegetation and royal spices that only seemed like an ultramodern menu at a restaurant meant for the elites but cooked by underpaid maids and ill-paid cooks.  The entire social fiber seemed to transcend all political, communal and regional diversions and what Alice noticed was something hitherto unnoticed by the sensitive eye and loyal heart.

Entire Wonderland was taken over by  a new slogan, new regimental scripts, new hard-core amendments and above all new pulse of hatred which seems to hold ground in the disguise of nationalism governed by a well established thought of ethnic cleansing of minorities on the basis of religion. Under the very vigilant eye of democracy which guarantees freedom of living and speech to one and all wrapped in the black blanket of hidden agendas. Alice tried hard to persuade Aliza, Anne and the rest, but the verve in their argument pushed her back to the walls for they were like millions  misled by the newly political pulse.

Being in minority, Alice was reduced to rubble, insignificant and unheard like millions in the Wonderland of which Alice was once the beloved Princess of all. The new wave as most of the people like Alice believed has been manufactured under a proper hate doctrine issued and argued by the majority under the garb of nationalism to evacuate minorities from the Wonderland which used to be a platform of humanity before an invasion, helping and nourishing everyone irrespective of religion. But now the religion has been married to politics without consulting religious and political gurus. This newly married couple as believed by Alice, may produce a progeny that may not have religious tolerance and plurality as one of the basic teachings in their scripts. It is also thought that Alice may be forced to migrate from Wonderland to Wasteland. And then a new script for the fairy tale writers shall hit the stands with different title…. Alice in Wasteland. She may even be compelled to change the faith for the survival.

Time will only tell us how long Alice resists and compose herself against the tyranny of the time. Alice in Wasteland may seem ugly to her fans, but then every devotee cannot be taken into confidence when the invaders’ issue decree under the garb of power politics. Losing Aliza , Anne and Aysha, Alice’s wonderland in actual fact changed its topography under the political influence. The streams and rose beds too lost the grace of which Alice was fond of, the mountain tops and grasslands along with brooks and gardens were ruined beyond repairs only to register hate for the minorities, only to deprive the natives from the basic requirements of life, only to suppress the victims of new wave which to millions like Alice seems as hollow conventional theory, fabricated and fashioned under the influence of Old Payers of the trade.

If on one hand Alice lost her friends in this rat race, but then Alice’s plight became a native say and a common narrative. The birds of the bard raised their melodious voice over mountains tops and many of them were overtaken by Vultures that reside at these summits to check the flow of the air.  Alice in Wasteland became much popular that her voice and vision crossed all the man made borders and prisons and reached to the sensitive audience that could feel the irritation and inflammation of people of Wasteland. The new setting of the Wasteland, its picturesque, its boundaries and bounties all faded before Aice’s eye, yet she managed to hold herself, for now, she was a voice of suffering class. She had found herself in the nerves of victims as a nurse from heavens, a core accent of prey and the only hope of a hopeless generation. Alice has unlike Aliza, Anne and Aysha touched the pinnacles of love and loyalty, Aliza, Anne and Aysha served as a tool of hatred to bring more suffering to already suffering land, adding wastage to Wasteland of Alice. Alice in Wasteland truly achieved what she had dreamt as a princess of Wonderland. Visionary and vital force for the creatures of her Wonderland, but a true representative of new Wasteland, Alice proved. Politically motivated mates of Alice had never thought to see themselves holding high official position owing to their cunningness and greed for power. Power is suffering class, power is the minority, power is with passion, it was never with dictators; they ruled and with time vanished in thin airs once for all like a column of smoke before a fresh rush of air.


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