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Mini Maternity Center in Ganderbal sans adequate staff

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‘No technical staff at the center to operate diagnostic machines’

Ganderbal, Dec 08: Established in 2013, Mini Maternity Center at Wayil Ganderbal lacks adequate staff with the patients who need maternity care here are being compelled to travel Srinagar for treatment.

Local residents told Kashmir Images that only one staff member remains present at the center. “In absence of doctors and medical facilities, nobody visits the center and we prefer to take patients to Srinagar for treatment,” they said.

Residents of adjacent villages said that government should ensure adequate staff at the center or else close the same and utilize it for some other purpose. “There are more than 15 villages which would benefit from this Maternity Center but authorities have failed to take this important factor into consideration as they have taken no steps to address the staff issue at the center,” they added.

Abdul Rehman a local resident said: “It is not just the lack of adequate staff that is an issue here at the Maternity Center but it lacks ambulance service also. The diagnostic machines are literally rusted because there is no technical staff at the center to operate them.”

He further said: “Government has spent huge money on the construction of this center. The money has been wasted as the center is unable to cater to the demands of maternity patients.”

According to a medical official, the center requires at least one gynecologist, few anesthesia assistants, nurses, FMPHW, Laboratory technicians, pharmacists and a Medical officer.

When contacted CMO Ganderbal said: “I acknowledge that the center requires staff and for that I have already written to higher authorities.” He added that the center had got ambulance service.

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