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After Srinagar ‘Wall of Kindness’ initiative reaches Budgam

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Budgam, Dec 07: Making its appearance for the first time in Srinagar early this week, the ‘Wall of Kindness’ initiative reached Budgam as the outer facade of historic Imam Bargah has been turned into a charitable wall by the students of Maktab-e-Babul Ilem here.

The welfare spot was set up on Thursday after clothes were hung on a wall of an octagonal structure for the needy people.

“The place welcomes both givers and takers. People can come and donate clothes for the ones who are in need of warm clothes this winter,” said Dabirah Hassan, a student.

She said that in the first two days, many people turned to donate clothes and at the same time several poor persons have taken them.

“The best part about this wall is that both donor and recipient remain anonymous,” said another student.

The students urged people to donate clothes, which they no longer use, for those in need.

A Maktab teacher said that the ‘Wall of Kindness’ would remain there throughout and with the passage of time it could be modified.

Budgam residents lauded the efforts of students saying that such steps must be appreciated and supported.

A local Ali Mohammad said that the ‘Wall of Kindness’ is indeed a remarkable initiative to help the disadvantaged and needy people. “It entails a good message and vibrant goal in the society,” he said.

In addition, Maktab-e-Babul Ilem is run by Anjuman Sharie Shian.

It is worth mentioning that the ‘Wall of Kindness’ was set up in Srinagar early this week that took social media by storm and inspired Maktab students here to set up a similar wall.

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