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NC’s biggest asset its own shamelessness: Peoples Conference

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Aga Ruhullah the party’s errand boy, should remember how he was ousted

Srinagar,  Nov 25: Peoples Conference on Sunday said National Conference continued to be a party that was bereft of shame and that shamelessness had been the party’s biggest asset in its mission of duping and exploiting the people of Kashmir over the past many decades.

In a statement, PC spokesman said National Conference was at the root of the State’s political disempowerment and should remember that it allied with the same Indian National Congress that deposed and incarcerated Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, eroded Article 370, toppled NC-led Governments and wrote the script for every single constitutional intrigue and machination launched against the State.

“For a party that doesn’t have the self respect to stand up to the culprits of its own founder – if not the culprits of Jammu and Kashmir – no amount of shame is enough”, he said.

“The NC statement issued by Aga Ruhullah betrays the absolute disconnect, shamelessness and lack of integrity that the party has become a political super specialist in. The party has always used Aga Ruhullah as an ever-ready errand boy to abuse and vilify people from his own community while ousting him unceremoniously and treating him with spectacular contempt in the off season. Aga Ruhullah is the last person who should talk of scams and scandals lest somebody approaches the courts to establish how he contested elections after his date of birth certificate was forged with the patronage of the then Education Minister and the Chief Minister. It is public knowledge – as is testified by his classmates in Biscoe School – that Aga Ruhullah’s date of birth credential are forged and that his first election – and very election there on – is ultra vires and illegitimate,” said the spokesman.

The spokesman further said that the people also know how his only ‘contribution’ as a Minister was setting up of a hatchery which failed despite him blackmailing the concerned business enterprise for a quid-pro-quo arrangement.

“We all know – including Aga Ruhullah himself – that his own colleagues exposed him – leading to his prompt and unceremonious ouster from the council of Ministers. It is sad that the party has yet again remembered him for the cause of abusing and defaming another Shia leader – sadder however is the fact that Mr. Ruhullah has made himself readily available”, the spokesman added.

He said the party cannot be bothered about NC’s shameless rhetoric and is committed to rescuing the people of the State from the clutches of dynastic misrule, arrogance, nepotism and tyranny.

“National Conference has been a partner in every injustice done against the people of Kashmir. They have stepped over thousands of dead bodies to reach the thrones of power. Where was NC’s morality when NC allied with the BJP to make Omar Abdullah a junior minister in the NDA Government? Where was NC’s morality when it supported counterinsurgents and when Dr. Farooq Abdullah gave them space in the State legislature – even personally recommending Padma Shri awards to some of them? Where was NC’s morality when it unleashed repression on hapless Kashmiris? Were the more than hundred children who lost their lives in 2010 not Kashmiris? Were their killings justified? Will NC blame that too on BJP? The party is bereft of shame”, he said.

“We are going to uproot the last vestiges of NC’s dynastic rule from the State and the upcoming elections will be eye-opening for the party – as well as its seasonal errand boys”, he added.

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