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Attempts to divide communities disastrous: CPI(M)

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JAMMU, November 12: The highly provocative speeches of some speakers in Jammu during a seminar alleging that growth of Muslim colonies in and around Jammu “was a concerted effort to change its demography” is not only highly condemnable but against the ethos of pluralism, CPI(M) has said in a statement issued here today.

“Unity in diversity is the strength of India and as well as Jammu and Kashmir. There are many languages, castes and ethnic groups and this is the specialty of the country and the state. Any attempt to divide people of Jammu and Kashmir is against the interests of people of the state and the country,” the statement said.

The statement further said that the state has off and on faced many difficult situations owing to terrorism sponsored from across the border, which has caused disturbance in the state. However, the people of the state have preserved its unity and its secular character despite the heterogeneous ethnic, linguistic and demographic character of the state.

“Attempts are being made to divide people of Jammu and Kashmir and some persons spearheading a bigoted and communal campaign of “demographic change” in the province and are trying to divide the communities,” it said.

Jammu, is a pluralistic society and during difficult and odd times people of the region have maintained communal harmony and brotherhood and will do the same this time.

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