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Recompense the losses to farmers promptly: NC

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Srinagar, 08, November, 2018: National Conference on Thursday said that the assessment to ascertain the losses to farmers hasn’t commenced raising trepidation in the farmers who stand worst affected by the recent ill-timed snowfall.

South Zone President Dr. Bahsir Ahmad Veeri said that the affected farmers have suffered immense losses due to the vagaries of weather and the laidback attitude of the incumbent administration is further pushing the already wretched people to wall. “The marginalized farmers are the at receiving end of all this. Most of the farmers had pinned their hopes on the annual produce to pay for their loans and other debts but the fury of nature left them wailing,” he said.

He implored upon the governor administration to mitigate the mounting woes of farmers and orchardists by speedy reimbursement of comprehensive compensation. “We have been receiving hollow catchwords and catachreses as recompense, but the need of hour is to ensure that the farmers are recompansated comprehensively before the onset of harsh winters,” he said.

Dr. Veeri said that electricity hasn’t been restored in many hamlets of the south Kashmir and that day to day working of the secondary and tertiary health care systems has been affected toting up the miseries of common people. “The governor administration must rush the revenue teams to the entire nook and corners before the winters arrive. Government should rekindle the hope in the distressed farmers,” he said.

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