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Thousands mark Arbaeen in Kashmir

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Srinagar, Oct 30: Thousands of people on Monday observed the Chehlum or Arbaeen of the martyrs of Karbala by taking out processions and holding Majlis (religious congregation) in Kashmir parts.

The largest gathering took place in central Kashmir’s Budgam Township where a large number of mourners remembered the sacrifices of Imam Hussain (as).

After Asr prayers, mourners carried out a huge procession from Astaan Sharief (shrine) in Budgam, which after passing through traditional route, culminated later at central Imam Bargah.

Similar processions were also reported in Bemina, Zadibal, Hassanabad, Shilwat and Udina areas.

While paying glowing tributes to the martrs of Karbala, people were seen reciting traditional Kashmiri Marsiya.

Meanwhile, Chehlum observance takes place after 40 days of Ashura- the day when Imam Hussain (as) and his companions were killed by the Yazidi forces.

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