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Treating ‘Agenda of Alliance’ will help tackle prevailing situation in Valley: Mehboob Beg

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Srinagar, 0ct 15: Senior PDP leader and former Member Lok Sabha, Dr. Mehboob Beg on Monday said that the prevailing situation in the valley can only be tackled-with by treating the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ that was entered into by the PDP with the BJP as the guiding principle.

“There is no substitute for ‘talks’ with Pakistan to deal with the ‘external dimensions’ and one has to involve the Hurriyat to be able to resolve the ‘internal dimensions’ of the Kashmir dispute, said Dr. Beg. Dr.Beg also added that the BJP need not look far and their leader (Atal Bihari Vajpayee) had himself laid the foundations of an uninterrupted and uninterruptable dialogue with all the stake holders. Vajpayee realized that there was no substitute to ‘talks’ and continued a sustained effort to engage people (across the board) even after the Kargil War as well as the Parliament attack,” a PDP spokesman quoted Dr.Beg as saying.

“We cannot go on like this and keep losing the younger generation; we need to find a solution sooner than later, the youth are primary for nation building. We can ill afford to lose our youth and we need them to march hand in hand with the progressive and competitive world,” Dr.Beg added.

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