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Inspired by her struggle with depression, Bijbehara girl pens ‘Finding the lost you’

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Calls it “my suggestion box” for the readers to rediscover the lost uniqueness within them

SRINAGAR, SEP 28: Insha Khawaja, 20, hailing from south Kashmir’s Bijbehara area is ready with her maiden book titled ‘Finding the lost you’. This nonfiction piece of literature crafted by Insha speaks about the anxiety, depression, and the way back to life.

Despite being an engineering student, Insha always had an affinity for literature and writing. “I was always inclined towards writing, be it prose or poetry. I love to write irrespective of the fact that I am not a literature student. My debut book is related to counseling. I call it my suggestion box. This book is meant for the readers to rediscover the lost uniqueness within them,” says Insha, who is currently pursuing B.Tech from Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST).

Insha terms her past struggles as being the reason for writing this book. “The book is based on my own struggles against depression. Writing is my solace and so is this book as it talks about the hope, rediscovery, and happiness,” she adds.

Insha was barely 12 when she lost her father in a tragic road accident which put her in the state of anxiety and depression. Insha not only fought back, but also started to write about courage and faith, and ended up writing a book that can inspire and help others too. “One of the main reasons for writing this book was to provoke a healthy debate on the issue of mental health. Here a person with depression is often judged and misunderstood. A person who is suffering from such problem needs care not sympathy or judgments,” she says.

Citing herself as an example, Insha says people with depression are mocked in our society as if they are suffering from some deadly disease. “I have witnessed how society treats a depressed person and how this societal behavior doubles your suffering.”

The journey of Insha, so far, has been full of challenges but she overcame everything and made this book a reality. From facing an opposition at home to the financial issues, she faced it all.

Insha is receiving an overwhelming response from the people as the book is available on all the leading e-commerce websites. “Whosoever has read my book has given me a positive feedback and people even are asking me to make the book available in the market too,” she says.

Despite receiving a good response Insha still feels that the local masses are still less appreciative towards artists and writers. “Artists and writers reflect the happenings of the society through their work. They do play a crucial role in uplifting a society, but unfortunately, such people here in Kashmir are not celebrated. It is high time that we shun such attitude and begin to appreciate such people which can be a source of encouragement for them,” she adds.

Insha hopes that her book becomes a way for the youth, particularly girls, to realize that they are their own heroes and can conquer any battle with hope and faith. She wants her generation to believe in their abilities and never to compare themselves with others. “You are you. So focus on your flaws and work to mend them properly. Stop comparing your uniqueness with others. Know your worth and make peace with that. And also, work to make your parents smile because they are the precious assets bestowed to us,” says Insha.


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